For 13 years we have been providing our clients with the following services:

Inspections & survey

They include:

  • Audit of suppliers
  • Control of the production process
  • Quality inspection before cargo dispatching

Having ordered those services a Client may not worry about the performance of contract obligations by a Chinese supplier. The geography of inspections covers almost all the main manufacturing areas of China.

Registration of trademarks

     Registration of TM is a necessary condition for the development of sales of own products in Chinese territory. Any TM can be registered on a legal entity or individual entrepreneur.

Consulting and marketing services

    These services are being offered for study of various segments of the Chinese market which can significantly save resources and obtain objective data important for making practical decisions.

Financial services

      They include the services of a financial agent in China. This greatly simplifies those difficulties the Russian participant in foreign trade face while working with Chinese suppliers. We make payments in US dollars, RMB, euro. We have our export & import license with a wide range of applications. All payments are made in 1-2 days. We have the most favorable offers in this segment.

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