Logistic services - one of the priority branches of the Group "SKYMAX". In this field we have been working since 2008. During this period extensive experience and a wide range of tools for reliable delivery from door to door have been accumulated.

from China

Export from China to Russia and other countries is one of the most important segments in the activity of our company. The annual turnover of export shipments "SKYMAX" group is over 2 million US dollars. Our team is ready to assist in organizing a full cycle for the purchase of goods from China.

to China

During the last five years our team has been working actively to develop the export business from Russia to China. This project has a high priority due not only to the growing interest of the Chinese consumers in imported products and the increase in their purchasing power, but also to the strengthening of support for the development of exports from the Russian state.


  • Inspections & survey
  • Registration of trademarks
  • Consulting and marketing services
  • Financial services