Important trend of the Chinese food market.

  Undoubtedly, the growing potential of China’s consumer market is attracting more and more foreign producers, especially in the food industry, which growth rates are increasing every year. About 71% of respondents among the Chinese population in 2015 considered food safety as a priority issue for the nation, believing that imported products are of higher quality than those produced inside the country.
  For better understanding, what to sell here, you need to know whom you will have to compete with. The main suppliers of food products to China are USA, Australia and the EU. The top imported products are vegetables and exotic fruits, dried fruits, sugar, nuts, spices, coffee, honey, drinks, cosmetics and much more, a huge part of which refers to the organic products.
  Particular attention would be paid to the trend of consumption of environmentally friendly products. Every year, China put huge efforts to introduce the concept of a “healthy product,” more and more people prefer products without preservatives and are even ready to overpay for it. The population’s policy regarding “the main thing is tasty” has changed to “preferably beneficial” and here we might believe that Russian products fit perfectly into the new trends of Chinese consumer’s healthy food concept.
  It is important to mention that in order to succeed in the Chinese market, it is necessary to know the peculiarities of the local culture and to be able to think like a Chinese consumer. You should know your concurrent! Our company is always ready to support our partners, help them to understand the market and the needs of the Chinese consumer.

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