Is air transportation actual only for Moscow region?

 There are a common misconception that the world’s largest country have only a few airports that are international transport terminals.
At 2018 number of Russian airports that accept international flights are already more than 70.
 In order to maximize the optimization of transportation costs, Skymax group constantly optimizes its transportation routes. With ours large-scale transportation network, we are transporting cargo all-around–the world, and the absence of a direct flight between airports of departure and arriving is not an obstacle for us.
 A good example could be the shipment Shanghai (SVG) - Dubai (DXB) - Samara (KUF) at 27th of September 2018. Transit period between the cargo’s arriving to warehouse of the Pudong (Shanghai) airport, until it was delivered to the temporary storage warehouse of the Kurumoch airport (Samara) was 3 days only.
Chinese public holidays 1-7 October did not affect the successful customs clearance and timely delivery of cargo. At the same time, during this delivery, our company was a contract holder at Chinese side, thus minimize the recipient’s risks that may arise during transactions with Chinese legal entities.
 The customer was a Russian full cycle-producing company, specializes in production of cables and wires.
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