Exhibition "ALL in PRINT"

 On October 24, the 7th China international exhibition "ALL in PRINT" was held in Shanghai new international exhibition center.
The theme of the exhibition "ALL in PRINT" this year - "The Opening era of printed intelligence", and the scale is updated again. 9 exhibition halls, 110 000 square meters, 7 thematic exhibition halls: hall digital prepress, complex typographic hall, for processing after the print processing, packaging machinery pavilion, pavilion for marking, a pavilion for innovative ink materials, the pavilion is integrated with a wrapping theme and three new special zone: the area of flexible packaging equipment, the size of the equipment for corrugated paperboard and the area of the printing equipment. 1030 exhibitors of "ALL in PRINT" exhibition 2018 from 17 countries and regions, including: China, Canada, United Arab Emirates, Germany, India, Iran, Italy, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Netherlands, Spain, Turkey, UK, USA, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan etc.
 With the development of the market economy, the level of printing and product quality have improved, expanding the application of labels and flexible packaging. Chinese label and flexible packaging industry has a huge space for market development and will maintain a rapid growth rate for a long period of time and play an increasingly important role in the printing and packaging industry, becoming a new profit growth point in the printing industry.
 People who haven’t visit the exhibition «ALL IN PRINT» must not miss it next year. Bright many exhibits, innovative technology and the different applications and will definitely impress you. It's worth it.
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